Moonshine and Shootingstars

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Moonshine and Shootingstars

Beitragvon Crazy Witch » Fr. 17.08.2012, 01:04

Moonshine and Shootingstars

I look up into the sky
and I wonder if you miss me too
I see a shooting star and make a wish
that you are right next to me
that I could just look into your eyes right now
and hear you laugh just once more...

The world around me is so crazy right now
spinning, turning and changing
and I get so confused in my head
and then I look into your eyes
you are the one thing standing still
which helps me not to loose my mind...

I was so confused and busy with myself
that I couldn´t see the truth
that always you stayed by my side
helped me wherever you could
and never left me even at the gates of hell
and I ask myself, why I couldn´t see it before...
Crazy Witch

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